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Don’t Stress. Birds, Bees, and Bedbugs are our Specialty.

Specialized Services for Bees, Bed bugs, and other Pests.

Bugs aren’t the only pests. Sometimes, they require a little more specialized treatment.













Need Some Special Treatment?

Bee Removal

Bees are dangerous, so call a professional. T2 Pest Services has been the sole bee provider for 8 years to two major municipalities in the East Valley and many other property managers. By offering immediate response, T2 can successfully address any bee problems from a small hive to a major swarm for a fraction of our competitor’s prices.


Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bugs can ruin your day…and your business. They are a health hazard and multiply quickly. T2 Pest Services provides bed bug Prevention and Elimination services to rid your property of bed bugs AND their efts using monitors, steam, cleaning methods, and product application.

Scorpion Special Treatments

Protect those close to you from scorpions with a Comprehensive Home Seal. This helps prevent scorpions from entering through small cracks in the trim and entries of your structure. We also offer black light services at night to help rid your property of scorpions and prevent them from reaching your home or business.


Pigeon Trapping and Exclusion

Pigeons can be a nuisance and pose a health hazard. T2 pest specializes in the latest exclusionary and control methods to help control the pigeon population at your property. From Spikes to Netting, we’ve got you covered.

Flying Insect Control

Flies and mosquitoes can be controlled with proper methods. We provide vector lights, baiting, larvacide, and fogging treatments based on the insect and situation.


Bees Causing Problems? Call T2 First!

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