Residential Pest Control Services

Protect Your Family and Home with T2 Pest Solutions.


We provide safe solutions to control pests inside  your home and the surrounding environment. All services are backed by our FREE Callback guarantee.



You can trust T2 to help with treatment for existing termites in your home, or offer warranty services to protect you from high termite treatment bills in the future.



Have Bees, Bed bugs, Flies, or Stingy Scorpions moved in? We can handle any specialty pest case with targeted treatment services and solutions.


Want to Bundle Pest and Termite Services? You sure can!

Pest Services

T2 Pest Services, Inc. has over 30 years of residential pest experience and only uses certified, clean-cut, background checked technicians to care for your home. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will establish 3 barriers of protection between your loved ones and unwanted pests, while always using safe application methods at each service.


Happy T2 Customers

Customer Service is our #1 priority and there is nothing better than a happy customer! Meet a few of ours:

  • "Our house backs to a water-retention area for our community as well as a large ditch and an even bigger canal (translation = lots of bugs/pests).  T2 Pest Services has been keeping our home and yard pest free for many years.  They schedule times for service that are convenient for me, always show up on time, and do outstanding work.  I highly recommend them if you are looking for an honest, reliable company to meet your pest control needs."

    Brett Gilliland Homeowner - Gilbert, AZ
  • "Borg Property Services has been using T2 Pest Services for SEVERAL years. We have seen them grow considerably and their level of professionalism and service has not wavered. We know the job will be done right, and they have our complete trust."

    Bret Borg Borg Property Services - Mesa, AZ
  • "In 23 years of facilities management I can't remember ever sending a commendation to a company, but I have just been so impressed that I feel that it's due. From start to finish, T2's service, quality and cost have been upper echelon. Typically, my experience has been that you get quality, sacrificing cost or service and / or some combination of that. I have been so impressed with T2 at one of our multi-building managed facilities (6 million sq.ft) that I hired them for my residence. There is no one more important to take care of then the wife. I am happy to report; she has not been "freaked out" by a scorpion since T2 took over the pest control. T2 doing business the old fashion way and doing it very well."

    Gregg Collison Homeowner & Facilities Manager - Mesa, AZ

Termite Services

Termites can be scary. They can cause severe damage to the structure and safety of your home. Save your sanity and secure your home from the damaging effects of termites. T2 Pest Services can provide effective termite prevention and control services. Whether you want to rid your home of termites that are there now, or prevent them from ever coming in the first place, T2 Termite Specialists can help. Rest easy knowing that every termite service is backed with a warranty.

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Protection. Solutions. Peace of Mind. Get T2 Pest.

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